Positive Pregnancy and Birthing Packages

Kinesiology is an effective way to pro-actively prepare and integrate your mind and body to cope with the numerous changes of pregnancy and childbirth. It will assist you to deepen your connection to the amazing experience that you, your baby and your partner are going through.

Benefits may include:

  • Release anxiety and concerns related to pregnancy, birthing or parenthood
  • Learn how to enhance your connection with your baby and deepen your prenatal bond
  • Optimize your pelvic floor muscles to easily carry and deliver your baby
  • Enhance confidence to deliver your baby
  • Maintain a comfortable and enjoyable sexual intimacy during pregnancy
  • Determine appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes to support your pregnancy
  • Relief of common complaints associated with pregnancy, including  – nausea and morning sickness, back and hip discomfort, sciatic pain, hemorrhoids, incontinence or leakage, feeling of fullness or pressure in belly, reduce fatigue and boost your energy naturally.

Trimester Packages

The following packages are tailored to your unique needs for your trimester.

One session per month for 3 months

  • One 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance per month for 3 months

One session per month for 3 months

  • Month 1 – 14 muscle/meridian balance
  • Month 2 – Pelvic Floor Regional Protocol
  • Month 3 – Comprehensive Full Protocol Balance

Two sessions per month for 3 months

  • Month 1 – 14 Muscle/Meridian balance plus Wheel Balance
  • Month 2 – Pelvic Floor Regional Protocol plus Comprehensive Full Protocol Balance
  • Month 3 – Pelvic Floor Regional Protocol plus Comprehensive Full Protocol Balance

Partner Package

  • Month 1 – Neuro-Vascular/Neuro-Emotional Protocols
  • Month 2 – 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance
  • Month 3 – Comprehensive Full Protocol Balance

Note – Partner is your primary support person during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Testimonials

A great birth experience
Our baby girl arrived early! On July 28th we had a healthy, efficient home birth – just like we worked on at our last session! She was born a healthy 7lb 15oz at 9:45pm, and labor was an efficient 7.5 hours! It was intense and I had a lot of back labor, but I knew that my contractions were productive and that labor was progressing rapidly – I was dilating efficiently throughout labor and when it came time I pushed for only 30 minutes and eventually pushed her out in one push. Even my midwife was impressed how quickly things moved for a first-time birth. I really felt that all the pelvic muscle work we did really made a difference on the labor starting when it did and progressing so well. Thanks so much for all your support with that. Additionally, the work helped to resolve my discomfort with hemorrhoids during the third trimester and I’m happy to say they have completely resolved since the birth.
– E.B. New York 2013

Morning sickness relief
Morning Erin… well after a fairly bad evening on the nausea front (could not keep down anything!), I woke up this morning to feel so much better.. still a bit of a tender stomach but no nausea so far.. and I am at my desk at work drinking a decaf Americano! I’m hoping this continues… and THANK YOU!!!
–  P.D. New York, 2012

I can carry my baby comfortably
What I have noticed mostly after our last session, is that although I still feel the pressure of the baby on my pelvis, it is not painful. Before it was painful to the point that it was hard to walk, now it is much easier to move around….so thank you Erin! A big help 🙂
–  E.Z. New York 2013

Pre delivery pelvic floor balance
I went to see Erin just a week before my birth for opening pelvis muscles. It was very helpful. I felt more confident about giving birth to my first baby and yes, when my contractions started I went from 5cm-10cm opening in 5 hours, which is very good for a first time mom.
–  E.Z. New York, 2013