Preconception Packages

Preconception care is designed to help the mom-to-be  and dad-to-be  to optimize themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and determine any individual dietary, lifestyle, or environmental needs to prepare them to conceive, carry and deliver a healthy baby.

Benefits may include:

  • Build a healthy relationship with good sexual intimacy to enhance natural fertilization
  • Balance the muscles of your pelvic floor to optimize conception, carrying and delivering your baby as well as improving sexual function for both partners
  • Resolve infertility issues by integrating mind and body
  • Prepare the mind and body for IVF and other reproductive technologies
  • Release hidden stress and anxiety about conception and create a positive attitude
  • Healing past pregnancy and birth losses

Preconception Packages:

The Standard Package includes:

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Balance (Mom-to-be)
  • 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance (Mom-to-be)
  • 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance (Dad-to-be)
  • Joint comprehensive Full Protocol Balance (Combined couples session)

The Expanded Package includes all the services of the Standard Package plus:

  • 2 additional Comprehensive Full Protocol Balances to assist each partner to individually focus on their  specific areas or goals.

Preconception Testimonials

We conceived a girl (after 4 years of trying)!
After 4 years of trying to conceive, and one failed IVF attempt, I began to explore kinesiology in an effort to understand why my body (despite having no obvious fertility issues) was blocking conception. I was at this point extremely stressed mentally over the situation and as I was now over 40, I was feeling pressure on all fronts. Finding Erin was a god-send, and through our sessions that followed, I became at ease mentally and released the blocks that were preventing pregnancy, allowing a second IVF attempt to work! I credit Erin and Kinesiology hugely in this process, and in helping relieve quite severe morning sickness throughout the pregnancy itself. Post-partum was also challenging, but again with the help of kinesiology I worked through the underlying issues causing me problems. I still maintain regular sessions with Erin, and consider Kinesiology a mainstay resource for my mental and physical health.
—P.D. New York 2013