Success Stories

Enjoy reading some success stories from people who have experienced benefits from kinesiology:

Pain Relief

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Business & Career

Food & Nutrition
Digestive Health
Food Sensitivity

Chronic Problems
Blood Pressure
Skin Issues
Fatigue/Lack of Energy

Stress & Anxiety
Emotional Freedom
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Quick healing of leg
My leg is healing brilliantly!! Bruising and swelling have been a NO SHOW!!! How cool is that! Almost walking normally again although the muscle is still rather week and a little tender it is so quick in healing even I am amazed. Thank you again Erin for you generosity and kindness as always. Thank goodness you were there.
– T.M. Life Coach NZ 2010

I can swim with no pain!
Thanks so much for the kinesiology session on Sunday. I just wanted to tell you that my right shoulder (I guess where my trapezius muscle is) felt so much better when I was using the kickboard in the pool, that I was able to do several laps of the pool doing a crawl and breast stroke with no pain whatsoever! This is really amazing, because for many years swimming could trigger a migraine from that shoulder pain.
– M.B. New York, 2010

Poison Ivy Relief
Having received many benefits from kinesiology from numerous visits over the last few years. I am still amazed by its healing powers. I recently had a severe reaction to poison ivy which lasted a number of weeks. At a session with Erin I mentioned that I had an area on my arm which was particularly itchy and I found it hard to get relief. By the end of my session the itch was gone and did not return. Amazing!!
– J.O. Brooklyn, NY 2013

Kinesiology relieves pain
I was long overdue for pain reduction and some ‘emotional freedom’.Erin’s approach was without hesitation and most professional…I left feeling renewed.
– EP , 2009

No more back pain…and family productivity with kinesiology
I found emotional and physical healing since my time with Erin. My back couldn’t feel better! I have also found a rhythm to my family life that is productive and healthy.
– J.P. Homemak er, 2009

Getting back to rock climbing
My arm has been getting better since our last session!!!! Thank you!
– A.W. Accountant, New York

Enjoying my summer
I was feeling really sick and out of energy and asked Erin to help me. The weekend was coming and in my head I pictured myself staying in bed. After a short session of kinesiology we found the source of problem and Erin helped me unblock my energy. Believe me or not, the next day I was swimming in the ocean and having a lots of fun with my friends. Nobody believed me I was sick just one day before. That’s was amazing. Thank you dear Erin for giving me my energy back – you saved my summer!
– L.K. Brooklyn 2013